The Launch Place

The Launch Place’s official mission statement is to energize and diversify our regional economy through entrepreneurship development and business consulting services.

All of us at The Launch Place are convinced that the only way to create and sustain community wealth is to champion a renewed spirit of entrepreneurship; and as this champion, we had to lead by example first. As a start-up organization ourselves back in 2005, we had to demonstrate to our regional, state and congressional stakeholders that we had the expertise, knowledge and determination to be unique and relevant in the highly competitive world of business consulting, which included analysis and training.

Since our early years, we have expanded to include additional services in seed funding, office and housing subsidies, mentoring, training, coaching and virtual incubation services.

While it is a given we have to be exceptional at what we do and know when it is time to explore expanding services, as with all successful entrepreneurs, there is more.

Our mission statement motivates us each and every day that our unique package of full service entrepreneurship development will lead to a new generation of Southern Virginia business owners, boosting job growth in diverse fields of innovation and services and creating economic opportunity for all in the region.