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While our members all pay for their services, programs, and space, the reality is that without our non-profit mindset and low costs of services, many of the game-changing technologies that have come out of First Flight would have never gotten off the ground.

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First Flight pursues (and wins) grant money and we have fantastic corporate and individual partners. But to keep our member start-up costs low and still offer the services and support they need to develop and thrive we need your help.

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First Flight Venture Center is a non-profit committed to job creation and bettering life for all. We select our members in part based on the potential societal impact of their technologies.

Here are some of the ways first flight supported companies are working to make a difference

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“My wife Nancy and I have donated money to First Flight, because we believe in its mission and think it’s important. It’s really a multiplier effect. You can give money and it just gets spent, or you can give money to an organization that can take the money and create wealth in these companies that creates jobs and a tax base. I can’t think of a better way to give money to a non-profit than with those helping other people grow businesses , which is good for all of us.

Fred Hutchison, Founder, Hutchison, PLLC.


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First Flight also accepts donations of time and in-kind goods.

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