Cell Microsystems

In 2013, Nature Methods named single cell sequencing as the ‘Method of the Year’.  What was also noted is that although the method makes rare cells more accessible to analysis, it came with a proviso – “provided that methods are available to isolate or enrich these cells from their heterogeneous environments”. To date, obtaining single cells for analysis has been technically challenging, low throughput, and manually intensive or costly.

Cell Microsystems is an early growth stage company that develops, manufactures, and markets innovative products for single cell biology.  The Company’s proprietary CellRaft™ Technology addresses two widespread challenges in the single cell analysis field; the ability to selectively obtain viable, single cells based on their phenotype for molecular analyses and cell selection, and doing this from a sample too small for traditional cell separation techniques.

Coupled with the Company’s automated imaging platform, a user can select a cell in real-time and ‘track and trace’ that cell through imaging, collection and downstream analysis.  By sorting during real-time imaging, no cells are wasted enabling single cell isolation from even small, precious samples.

The CellRaft Technology was developed in the lab of Dr. Nancy Allbritton at the University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill. Cell Microsystems was founded by Dr. Nancy Allbritton, Dr. Chris Sims, and Dr. Yuli Wang in 2010 to develop and commercialize product applications for the CellRaft™ Technology.

Cell Microsystems continues to develop novel research tools supporting the basic research behind scientific and medical discovery. Products based on the CellRaft™ Technology offer scalable solutions making the isolation, recovery, and analysis of single cells available for every lab.