Camras Vision

The Camras device was developed by the late Carl Camras and his daughter Lucinda Camras.   Carl  was a world-renowned glaucoma researcher and surgeon and is one of the creators of the leading drug treatment for glaucoma, latanoprost. Based on surgical complications he observed with patients and the limitations of drug therapy, he experimented with the innovation of draining to the ocular surface with great success. 

Camras Vision is currently developing a glaucoma therapy that is intended to not only circumvent the complications present with glaucoma surgery, but also to provide ophthalmologists with the first tool that can stop the progression of glaucoma. The key innovation of the Camras Shunt is that it drains aqueous humor externally, thereby avoiding the complications and failure due to scarring within the drainage site that is associated with all other incisional/shunt surgeries.

Camras Vision has a portfolio of patents domestically and several patents pending worldwide.