Cell Microsystems

Cell Microsystems continues to develop novel research tools supporting the basic research behind scientific and medical innovation. Our latest product, the CellRaft™ System, brings to the market an efficient and inexpensive technology that enables researchers to isolate and recover viable single cells with a precision and simplicity currently unavailable.

The technology behind the CellRaft™ System was developed in the lab of Dr. Nancy Allbritton at the University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill. Cell Microsystems was founded by Dr. Nancy Allbritton, Dr. Chris Sims, and Dr. Yuli Wang in 2010 to develop and commercialize product applications for the CellRaft™ System. The scientific founders have significant experience in technology spinouts having founded three prior companies, one of which (Protein Simple) was recently acquired by Bio-Techne.

Dr. Gary Pace, CEO of Cell Microsystems, has a long track record in the life sciences and is a successful entrepreneur. In addition to having a research background in the life sciences, Dr. Pace is an operationally-oriented attorney and experienced corporate development executive. Dr. Pace has led the Company since January 2014.