Global Lyme Diagnostics (OBX Associates)

Today the Lyme community is in desperate need of a test that works. It is well known the current two-tier diagnostic approach can be inaccurate up to fifty percent of the time as further demonstrated in Claudia Molins research with the Centers for Disease Control (CDC). While attempts have been made to increase sensitivity of the current tests, this can come at the expense of specificity.

Our Lyme community today faces 2 challenges first and foremost it needs a test that works and second the need to generate clinical awareness to get tests prescribed. The GLD test is designed to address both these important issues.

Global Lyme Diagnostics has developed a breakthrough test specifically for Lyme Disease.

After licensing technology platform and related intellectual property developed in Dr. Richard Marconi’s lab at Virginia Commonwealth University, we focused on creating a highly accurate and reproducible solution. The resulting GLD test uses our proprietary chimeritope and is designed to diagnose diverse strains of Lyme.

GLD’s test keep’s the prescribing by clinicians simple and doesn’t require any new training or equipment for the physician’s office. Our test is a simple blood draw, something the clinicians are very familiar with and don’t need to invest in training or equipment.