Hangar6: North Carolina’s premium precision prototyping facility

Prototyping can be expensive, time consuming, and fraught with communication problems. Our entrepreneurs needed to be able to prove designs—or fail fast and retool—without spending weeks and thousands of dollars. That’s why First Flight developed Hangar6 as the ultimate DIY prototyping facility.

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Hangar6 is a subscription-based program that provides access to advanced equipment and design assistance. Don’t know how to run a CNC Machine? No worries, we have a training option and a community of people ready to share experience and offer advice.

Located next to the First Flight Venture Center in North Carolina’s Research Triangle Park, Hangar6 has the tools and people to help you get your idea off the napkin and into the marketplace.


Main Shop:

Large Format 3D Printer

SLA Resin 3D Printer

High Temp. 3D Printer for Engineering Grade Plastic Parts

HD 3D Scanner

2 Fusion FDM 3D Printers

150 Watt CO2 Laser Cutter

500 Watt Metal Fiber Laser

Fully Automated CNC Mill

Manual Mini Mill w/ Precision Drilling Capabilities and D

20 Ton Shop Press with 22in Finger Brake

Metal Notcher

Metal Slip Roller

Hand Tapping Machine

Shear Press

Pan and Box Brake

Gunsmithing Lathe with DRO

Industrial Sewing Machine

34in Vinyl Cutter



Wood Shop:

Cabinet Grade Table Saw

Floor Drill Press

Band Saw

Router Table

Disc Sander

Sliding Compound Miter Saw

Mini CNC Mill

Mini CNC Router

Welding Shop:

Digital MIG/TIG Welder

Manual Floor Bender

Abrasive Blast Cabinet

Paint Spray Booth

Powdercoat Kit

Powdercoat Oven

Benchtop Grinder

Buffing Wheel

48in Heat Strip for Plastic Bending

Plastic Welder Kit

"Hangar6 has been an invaluable resource to Triangle Bio. A large part of what we do as a company requires the design and use of custom experimental set-ups to investigate new approaches for high-throughput sample processing. With our access to Hangar6, we can quickly and iteratively make new fixtures and devices for our experiments and really maximize our rate of progress. Also, Sam has been an incredibly helpful and informative resource and has on multiple occasions pivoted our way of thinking towards a more efficient and elegant solution. This is just one example of how having a collaborative space like Hangar6 is a fantastic resource for small companies.” 

Sunny Kasoji, Triangle Bio 


The Hangar6 advanced rapid prototyping center is the only space in the Research Triangle Region dedicated to providing technology-based entrepreneurs with the tools and assistance to develop their products. Our vision could not be realized without:

Alexandria Real Estate Equities, Caterpillar, Eva Garland Consulting, Touchstone 3D, Trig, and the U.S. Department of Commerce