Become a First Flight Partner

First Flight Venture Center is a non-profit incubator for science-focused early stage companies. Our member companies pay fees for space and services, but we strive to keep these costs affordable to lower the barrier for entry. To fund the many services and programs we create and manage to help our members turn and idea into a company, we seek out grants, donations, and partner sponsorships.

Why partner with First Flight?

First Flight is looking for companies, organizations, and individuals who want to give back to the community by helping to grow the next generation of North Carolina science-based entrepreneurs. They know that support of First Flight companies can enable job creation and innovative technologies that directly impact lives.

Engage with startups and early stage companies

In addition to creating brand awareness with next generation companies, First Flight partners have the opportunity to interact with early stage companies who require a variety of services along their path to commercialization. 

What types of programs can my company sponsor?

First Flight presents many opportunities for corporate/organization sponsorships and partnerships. 

Sponsorship: Programs

  • First Flight Venture Center: General operations > DETAILS

  • LiftOff: Grant writing assistance program >DETAILS

  • Hangar6: Prototyping facility >DETAILS

  • FIRST North Carolina: Robotics competition >DETAILS

Sponsorship : Events


  • Financial support: General operating or program specific

  • In-kind donations: services, equipment, property/vehicles, other items of value

  • Matching company gifts

  • Grants and Foundation awards

  • Other: Create a custom program

For more information about First Flight partnerships, contact us.