Steve Warwick


Mr. Warwick has held executive management positions in six high technology startup companies, most recently as founder and CEO of, a startup company developing tools to aid in implementation of the Affordable Care Act. Previously, he founded NanoForge, a startup company in Nanotechnology. In addition, he has over 20 years of marketing and R&D management experience in senior positions at Agilent and Harris Corp, and has helped to raise over $300 million in equity financing. Of the six startups, one had an IPO valued at over $1Bil, another was sold for over $180Mil. He has a diverse background in a wide range of advanced technologies and emerging markets including low latency high speed trading networks, wireless sensors, nanotechnology, biosensors, medical diagnostics systems, advanced materials, and the design of RF network equipment and services. He has extensive experience in managing complex mixed-technology product strategy and developments with both domestic and international compliance requirements, manufacturing partners, and customers. Typical market sizes have been $500Mil to $2Bil. Mr. Warwick has an MBA with honors from Duke University, with a specialist certificate in Health Sector Management, an MSEE degree from California Institute of Technology (CalTech) and a BSEE degree from University of California, Berkeley.