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IprobeLabs, Inc.

Iprobelabs Inc. was founded in 2016 in North Carolina, USA. Our mission is to provide top-quality, innovative products to our valuable customers. We produce and supply pure, laboratory, technical and special chemicals. We also offer top quality building block chemical intermediates and customized synthesis based on customer’s needs…

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Jericho Sciences, LLC

Jericho Sciences, LLC is focused on research and development of novel antiviral therapeutic and diagnostic products in areas of high medical need. The lead candidate compound exerts action via a viral peptide motif shared by many types of viruses, including human immunodeficiency virus (HIV-1)…

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ViraTree is a start-up company specializing in virology reagents and services. Its mission is to acquire, authenticate, preserve, develop, and distribute innovative virological materials, information, and technology for the advancement and application of virus research.…

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